Prime Minister Albo Urged to Clear Refugee Backlog After Return to Bilo: what about an amnesty for other visa holders?

Updated media release 8.6.22

PJLU calling for an Amnesty for Refugees


People Just Like Us, a refugee advocacy organisation based in Australasia, is calling for an Amnesty for all those refugees on bridging visas (the number of those who need asylum has not been transparent and needs clarification**) to be given Permanent Residency along with the TPV & SHEV holders.

There are several refugee cohorts. Joyce Fu of PJLU has said:

“No one should be punished for the way how they came to this country. It is impossible to get a proper visa to come by plane if fleeing from war or persecution. Under international humanitarian law, those asylum seekers who have come by boat should be treated equally and fairly. This accords with the Refugee Convention to which Australia is a signatory.

"Those refugees suffering under our cruel national refugee policies are entitled to get an amnesty and get on with their life.”

"We need to ensure no-one is left behind. The goal is to clear all backlogs created during the last 20 years of persecution," said Ms Fu.

"Moreover, Australia needs the contribution of migrants and refugees on all levels," says PJLU. "There has been a hiatus in immigration over last the past two years, creating even more capacity. Migrants of all categories need to have certainty so that they can become contributing members of the community. Permanency is more efficient than continually processing short-run visas".

1. End Persecution

Bridging visa holders
SHEV & TPV holders
Those in #PNG
Those in #Nauru
Those in #Indonesia (special intake as the main source of boats)

2. Start fresh with Wilkie bills & #TurnBackToHumanity actions.

** 43,000 roughly.

SHEV & TPV 19,000

BV (backlog) 10,000

PNG & Nauru & Medevac around 500 (less those opting to go to NZ, CA and US)

Indonesia 13,700

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