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(Picture: Illustration of Anton Pulvirenti)

Mission Statement

Asylum seekers and refugees are people just like us. They should not be punished for fleeing danger and seeking our help. Seeking asylum is not a crime.

People Just Like Us uses stories of refugees' lives, experiences and journeys to convey to the general public that asylum seekers and refugees are just people; people seeking safety and refuge; people just like us.

With greater recognition from the public that asylum seekers and refugees are not to be feared but are just people in need of safety, cruel government policies such as boat turnbacks and mandatory detention may begin to be dismantled.

We aim to spread our message far and wide, to reach as many members of the public as we can. We currently do this primarily through hosting our own events. However, we are keen for people with ties to community groups, clubs, organizations and teams to bring along a speaker from People Just Like Us to a group meeting so as to bring the stories of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia to the wider community.

If you would like to bring a speaker to a community group you are a part of, or you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Us

Email: [email protected] or message us on Facebook & Twitter and follow us on Instagram